July & August Update

Here’s the newest addition to Red Awakening, The Miller Drills 79DPP Cordless drill, now as many of you know RA is full of easter eggs (that includes the weapons too), can anyone guess what movie/ game references are on the cordless drill? And as always feedback is always welcome, Enjoy!

So today we though we’d share with you the evolution of the Red Awakening programs psycho cheerleader, Jennifer Valentine, can anyone guess the movies we referenced when we created her? Enjoy!  ‪#‎Redawakening‬

As promised here are some more new screenshots from the latest build of the game, we also have a new dev diary coming soon, so keep an eye out. As always feedback is always welcome, Enjoy!


We listened to your feedback and changed the HUD so it doesn’t take up so much of the screen, we also made a slight change to the lighting/ post process settings, tell us what you think.

For anyone who doesn’t know we’ve been working on Red Awakening for nearly two years now, so here’s a couple of “Then and Now” screenshots, enjoy!


We have some more new screenshots to share with you from the latest build (including a work in progress of the thermal goggle ability) , tell us what you think! Also Red Awakening will be on Kickstarter in the next couple of weeks, with Steam, Xbox One and PS4 Alpha/ Beta/ Full game access for £8 (11 EURO/ $12) so keep your eyes peeled wink emoticon


We’d like to introduce you to the newest weapon in the Red Awakening program – The PERFORATOR; an air powered assault rifle designed by the lovely folks at A.R.S (Air powered Rifle Systems). Instead of firing bullets the weapon fires brass stakes at a rate of 900 rpm and is capable of pining enemies to walls.

The weapon will be in the RA program in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled and as always, your feedback is welcome smile emoticon

June Update

Hello Red Awakening fan’s sorry if we’ve been a bit quiet in the last few weeks, but we’ve been busy with a new shiny, neon build of the game to show you this week, keep your eyes peeled!

cropped-11402760_825527814205600_8932437235076848825_n.jpg cropped-11377192_825527817538933_8647393331093726027_n.jpg

And as promised here’s a couple more screenshots for you guy’s to take a look at, today screenshots show Jennifer Valentine our psycho cheer leader, we have more coming very soon as well as a new developer diary showing off the new features we’ve implemented, enjoy.




Also we have a question / competition for you, what do you think on Red Awakening’s current logo? Do you feel it represents the game? Please feel free to post any designs, ideas or comments for a new logo below, the winner will be chosen by a combination of the team and the community, the winner will be rewarded by having their name in the credits of the game, we really look forward to seeing what you guy’s come up with .



May update!

A quick update for you guys! We have listened to your feedback, and after a long consideration we have decided to pause crowd funding until more features are implemented in the game. We want to deliver a fun and unique, 80’s style horror experience filled with gore and parkour, to fulfil our dream we are working hard over the next few weeks to bring you many new features including;

Stamina system – No more unlimited energy, stamina will deplete when sprinting and freerunning.

Dynamic detection system – Screen effects depending on how much danger you are in.

Ragdolls – Ragdoll physics upon death!

Vision mechanic – Adding thermal vision so you can see those stealthy players.

Weather effects – To bring the maps to life and add that extra realism.

And more features including improved bullet effects and a fully finished Jennifer model with new textures and thermal vision goggles.

We are a small team and we want to do our best to deliver you the best possible experience, contact us if you would like to help or provide any suggestions that will help us improve.

PLAY Red Awakening @ Level Up Games

You are invited to play the FREE Pre-Alpha of Red Awakening.

Play Red Awakening Special Event Level Games

Play Red Awakening Special Event Level Games

Level Up Games will be hosting a special event on the 10th & 11th of October between 3pm – 9pm.

Venue – 22 Burgate, Canterbury.

We are also announcing the start of our Kickstarter campaign which will be in November 2014

Click here to watch our live streaming via Twitch on Friday 10 October 2014 3pm-9pm (BST).

Red Awakening during Insomnia52 in Coventry

Red Awakening during Insomnia52 in Coventry

Last week we went to Coventry and we spend three days showcasing our title. We were at Insomnia Gaming Festival in Ricoh Arena. Hundreds of people played the Red Awakening’s Pre Alpha and feedback we gathered was overwhelming. We want to thank to everyone who came to see our First Person Shooter.

During the first day of Insomnia52 Rob Peall (Game Director) took the Expo Stage to present the game in front of the Expo visitors. You can watch a video of his presentation below.


We also took plenty of pictures and the gallery is available on Facebook. Click here for the gallery.


And interview with Joe Bower (Animator) talking about Red Awakening


Interview with Rob Peal (Game Director) for Multiplay’s iLive Youtube channel


Earlier last week IGN wrote article about us called “RED AWAKENING COMBINES 80S SLASHER HORROR WITH MULTIPLAYER STEALTH” and you access it here.

Pre Alpha Screenshots

We have some new screenshots to show you