Red Awakening Game

In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, the United States is in turmoil. The youth are out of control, protests turn to riots in the streets with students boycotting schools across the country, fearing a civil war with the youth of America and the ever increasing threat of both domestic and international communism, the powers that be fund a CIA derivative of the MKSEARCH program, Codenamed: “Red Awakening”, a program designed to solve all of America’s problems at once.


March update


We have made some slight changes to our timetable. The major change is Red Awakening’s kickstarter campaign, it is now scheduled for April. And we are currently writing a script for a live action trailer. Another update is our Forum. You can now register here. Feel free to ask us anything about Red Awakening or suggest us whatever you want.   We will keep you… Read more →


Red Awakening is heading for a Kickstarter campaign in February


It’s been a while since our last update and we have a lot to show and tell Since the last update we have focused primarily on preparing our kickstarter campaign which is set to begin in the following week. We also spend some time to prepare a Roadmap showing whats actually happening with Red Awakening. Here is version 1 of our… Read more →


Insomnia53 Build


Our team have spend day and night to prepare this build for Insomnia53 and there is a big difference from the previous version. (Video of Insomnia52 Build) What to expect when you play Red Awakening at Insomnia Gaming Festival this weekend Read more →


We have something to show at Insomnia53


We will be at Insomnia53 which will be at Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The festival start on 21st November. Make sure you are there to play Red Awakening. We will be showing our newest build with many updates. Our Asylum map is now bigger. We have two more weapons in the game. More textured objects. Read more →