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Intel 14th  gen Core CPUs could be more Expensive than Raptor Lake

Intel 14th  gen Core CPUs could be more Expensive than Raptor Lake

The recent leaks from a prominent Canadian retailer have suggested that Intel’s highly anticipated 14th Gen Core CPUs could be priced higher than their immediate predecessors, the Raptor Lake series.

While Intel has been tight-lipped about the specifics of their upcoming 14th Gen processors, whispers from industry insiders and keen-eyed observers have hinted at the possibility of a price hike. These speculations gained weight when a Canadian retailer, Canada Computers, briefly listed a majority of the 14th Gen lineup, albeit without revealing detailed specifications.

According to the leaked information, the Core i9-14900KF, one of the top-tier processors of the lineup, was listed at a price of $779 Canadian dollars. While the absolute pricing of the Core i9-14900K, the flagship of the series, remains undisclosed, the KF model’s price tag suggests a potentially higher price point for Intel’s latest offerings. 

The Core i7-14700K, positioned as the next best option, was listed at $589 Canadian dollars, which translates to roughly $430 at current exchange rates. The KF version of the same model was projected to cost $549. In comparison, the Core i7-13700K from the previous Raptor Lake series currently retails for approximately $415 USD. Additionally, the store inadvertently revealed the pricing for the Core i5-14600K and the Core i5-14600KF at $449 and $399 Canadian dollars, respectively.

These leaked prices indicate a range of price increases from 0% to around 7% across the entire 14th Gen lineup. Notably, the Core i9-14900K is expected to see a similar percentage increase to the KF model, which comes in at 5% more expensive than its 14th Gen counterpart.

However, the precise value proposition of these price hikes remains uncertain due to the lack of detailed specifications for each processor. Industry experts note that without this critical information, it is challenging to assess whether the expected price increase is justifiable.

Leaked benchmarks and official sources suggest that the performance gain of the 14th Gen CPUs over their 13th Gen counterparts might be marginal, with some chips reportedly only 3% faster. Additionally, there seem to be no substantial changes to the core counts, except for the Core i7-14700K, which is rumored to increase from eight to 12 Efficiency cores.

This suggests that consumers may be paying a slightly higher premium for chips that, in terms of performance, are closely aligned with their predecessors. The difference in pricing, while potentially noticeable, may not be substantial enough to significantly sway purchasing decisions. Nevertheless, these nominal increases might influence buyers’ inclinations towards 13th Gen chips.

The move from 13th Gen to 14th Gen branding alone is anticipated to attract attention, as these are entirely new products. However, with formidable competition from AMD, who offers compelling chips at similar or even lower price ranges, Intel’s Raptor Lake refresh might face stiffer competition than anticipated.

As the official release date of the 14th Gen Core CPUs draws near, industry experts and enthusiasts alike await further information from Intel to confirm these pricing speculations. The tech world is poised for a new era of processors, with all eyes on how Intel’s latest offerings will fare in an increasingly competitive market.

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