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Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H CPU Geekbench Results Leaked

Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 1002H CPU Geekbench Results Leaked

In a recent development, a test run of what appears to be an “Intel Corporation Meteor Lake Client Platform” has surfaced on the Geekbench results database. This finding, brought to light by Twitter user Benchleaks, has garnered significant attention in tech circles. The system, likely a whitebook test platform, is believed to be powered by the speculated new Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H processor.

According to the Geekbench database, this potential powerhouse boasts an impressive 16 cores and 22 threads. The benchmarking software identified two core clusters, one with six cores and the other with ten. If the initial cluster comprises performance cores with Hyperthreading, this aligns with the observed 16-core and 22-thread configuration. Additional specifications revealed during the system’s probing include a base frequency of 3.4 GHz, with a boost clock reaching 5.0 GHz.

Comparing this with its presumed predecessor, the Core i7-13700H, the single-thread (1T) score of the purported new Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H surpasses that of the Core i7-13700H laptop used for comparison. 

However, the Geekbench database lists various Core i7-13700H models with both superior and inferior Geekbench 1T scores. Similarly, it shows Core i7-13700H laptops with better and worse multi-threaded (nT) scores compared to the new MTL-H contender. Notably, the Meteor Lake chip’s performance in the nT tests is somewhat disappointing, considering its apparent surplus of cores.

Processor (CPU)GeekBench 6 (Single-Core)GeekBench 6 (Multi-Core)
Intel Core i7 13700H (13th Gen)2,20212,484
Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H (14th Gen)2,439 (+10.7% improvement)12,668 (+1.4% improvement)

Scores of i7-13700H sourced from MSI Pulse 15 benchmarked on Geekbench 6

The RAM configuration of the Meteor Lake test laptop raised eyebrows, with Geekbench 6 indicating an unusual 11.69 GB of RAM, but offering no details on memory type, transfer rates, or channels. In contrast, the rival Gigabyte Aero used for comparison featured 16GB of DDR5-5200 in a multi-channel configuration. This discrepancy prompts speculation about a potential new feature, such as on-package LPDDR5X memory, causing the RAM detection anomaly.

However, it’s crucial to note that with only a single Core Ultra 7 1002H sample, it’s challenging to draw definitive conclusions. This complexity is further compounded by the results closely resembling various RPL-H predecessors in the Geekbench database.

Meteor Lake represents Intel’s first foray into a mass-produced consumer CPU employing a chiplet-based architecture. The decision to divide the 14th Gen Core processors between Raptor Lake Refresh for desktops and Meteor Lake for laptops suggests that Intel encountered some challenges in executing its original plans. Nevertheless, the prominent chipmaker is expressing confidence in Meteor Lake.

Tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further details on this highly anticipated release. Intel and its partners are widely anticipated to unveil Meteor Lake chips and laptops. With the leak of these benchmark results, anticipation is running high for what Meteor Lake has in store for the world of computing.

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