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Tekken 6 Hinted For PlayStation Plus Premium

Tekken 6 Hinted For PlayStation Plus Premium

The release of Tekken 7 has propelled the Tekken series into immense popularity, selling over 10 million copies and solidifying its position in the 3D fighting game genre alongside renowned titles like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. While recognized as a favorite among 3D fighting game enthusiasts, certain older Tekken classics remain unavailable on modern platforms like PS4 and PS5. Tekken 2’s inclusion in PlayStation Plus Premium was a precursor, and current signs suggest that Tekken 6 could soon join the lineup of classic offerings accessible through the subscription service.

As reported by Gematsu, the ratings board in Taiwan has categorized Tekken 6 for both the PS4 and PS5 platforms. This development implies that efforts are underway to adapt the PSP version of Tekken 6 for compatibility with contemporary consoles, potentially expanding its availability through the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

PlayStation Plus Premium functions as a subscription-based service, granting access to a diverse array of classic games sourced from earlier PlayStation systems like the PS1, PS2, and PSP. To ensure the consistent addition of a substantial collection of vintage games, this subscription tier carries a slightly higher cost compared to the Extra tier.

The subscribers have long enjoyed an assortment of benefits, including access to online multiplayer, monthly free games, exclusive discounts, and more. The introduction of Tekken 6 would be a noteworthy addition to this impressive package, offering players the chance to experience one of the cornerstones of the fighting game genre.

Tekken 6, originally released in arcades in 2007 and later on home consoles, marked a significant step forward in the franchise with its enhanced graphics, refined mechanics, and diverse roster of characters. The game garnered praise for its engrossing storyline, impressive character animations, and intricate combat system. Adding it to the PlayStation Plus Premium lineup would undoubtedly allow fans, both old and new, to enjoy the legendary battles of Kazuya, Jin, and the Mishima family feud.

With a lot of excitement building up for the upcoming Tekken 8 game in the fighting game community, the potential addition of Tekken 6 to PlayStation Plus Premium is a great chance for fans to play the older game again and get ready for the new Tekken 8 game that’s coming soon.

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